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You need organization-wide research to drive decisions. We can help. ​

Perfetti Media offers customer insights and helps establish strategic research programs for startups, Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and political campaigns. Our experienced team specializes in qualitative and quantitative research methods, product management, data science, and market segmentation theory.

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Our founder

Christine Perfetti

Christine Perfetti, M.S.
CEO & Founding Partner

Christine Perfetti has spent 20 years refining the qualitative and qualitative research practices she leverages to help her clients understand their users and customers. She has dedicated her career to understanding what makes people tick: what drives and motivates their actions and decisions.

Christine worked as Vice President and Head of Product at User Interface Engineering. She then built and managed Customer Insights teams at two top technology companies, Carbonite and Acquia. Her specialty is conducting research to understand people’s needs, goals, motivations, and underlying challenges. This research empowers clients to develop solutions and interventions that benefit their customers and produce business results.

When she became a mom, Christine began to investigate avenues for research that could lead to social change. Her work now encompasses research for business and product impact as well as research for social impact. Most recently, Christine established the customer research program at GoFundMe, the fundraising platform that provides a social safety net for millions of people. She also built the voter research competency at the Hoosier Victory Alliance, a nonprofit providing support to pro-Democracy candidates.

Our philosophy

Organizations see the essential role that research plays in driving decisions and staying ahead of the competition. However, for many, the mere thought of embarking on a research program can be daunting. Our dedicated and experienced researchers are here to help you overcome these obstacles and achieve success.

People First

People's needs are at the forefront of all that we do. We conduct studies to gain a holistic understanding of your audience.

Business Centric

To ensure that the research insights are actionable, we regularly meet with the C-Suite leaders to understand the business's goal.

Team Focused

We provide training and coaching sessions for your team members in order to establish long-term research capabilities.

Trusted Partners

Our team members work embedded within your organization to immerse themselves in the problem space and culture.

Research leadership


Stephanie Gerber Wilson

Stephanie Gerber Wilson, Ph.D.

Stephanie Gerber Wilson has been a marketing and strategic communications professional for 25 years. She works with clients to understand the competitive landscape, the total addressable market, and opportunities to achieve a best-in-class experience for their customers. Stephanie is also the founder of two nonprofit organizations specializing in political messaging and social media advocacy. She served as the founding Assistant Director at the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies and then ran several research centers at Brandeis International Business School. She holds an MA and PhD in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies.
Andrew Duchon

Andrew Duchon, Ph.D.

Andrew Duchon is a leader in product analytics and data science with expertise in product metrics, business intelligence, and news analysis. Andrew worked as a Senior Director of Data Science at Diligent, Manzama, and Jama Software. He has spent his career guiding clients in understanding their organization-wide data capabilities.

Andrew specializes in collecting and tracking product usage data and leveraging qualitative and quantitative data to establish audience segments and user personas. Andrew holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from Brown University.

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