Interview: Bringing Usability Testing Into Your Organization

The great folks at Above the Fold Design recently interviewed Christine Perfetti about the benefits of usability testing and ways to get teams immersed in the research. Here’s an excerpt:

How do you get stakeholders excited about usability testing?

Fortunately, these days many more clients come to me already excited, but of course, there are many who are not.  I never try to sell these stakeholders by pitching them on “Why testing is important.” Instead, I say, “Let’s start by bringing in one person and watch them interact with the design.”

When stakeholders see a real customer use their product, there are inevitably a few “Ah-ha!” moments that literally cause jaws to drop, as something they thought was a given turns out to be untrue; they learn new and surprising things about their products and the people who use them.  After that, the idea of usability testing sells itself.research.

You can read the full interview on the Above the Fold blog.

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