Mad Mimi: Thinking About Their Customers

At Perfetti Media, we’ve recently been sending our email newsletter to subscribers on a weekly basis. A few months back, thanks to a recommendation from our good friend Jeff Patton, we signed up for Mad Mimi, an online tool for writing, sending, and tracking online emails to customers. Based on our experience so far, it’s clear the design team at Mad Mimi has been thinking about their customers.

This month, we sent our first email newsletter using the Mad Mimi service. Immediately after hitting the “Submit” button to send an email to our subscribers, Mad Mimi responded with the following message:

Mad Mimi Messaging

In addition to congratulating us on sending our first message with Mad Mimi, as a courtesy, the team volunteered to review our message before it was sent to our entire audience. Why is this such an important detail for new customers of Mad Mimi’s service?

How many times have you sent out an email to someone and only after hitting, “Send,” did you realize something was seriously wrong with the message? Imagine how you would feel if you were sending a message to thousands of readers. It’s a huge concern for organizations sending mass emails to readers.

Looking at the first message to new customers in more detail, you’ll see Mad Mimi shares how long the review will take, up to an hour. For many of Mad Mimi’s customers, it’s essential to send the messages during a specific timeframe. The timing can have a direct impact on the number of readers who open the email. Mad Mimi takes this customer need into account and explains how long the review will take.

Mad Mimi’s attention to detail doesn’t stop there. Five minutes later, we received an email from Mad Mimi’s customer support:

Looks like you’re ready to send your promotion.

We have a short approval process here at Mad Mimi to make sure we can provide the best service for all of our customers. 🙂

Since Mad Mimi is a 100% permission based email marketing company, could you please let me know how everyone opted-in to receive promotional emails from you? Have they purchased a product or service in the past 18 months? Or, have they subscribed via a web-form? If so, please send the URL.

Any information you give can help us speed up the approval process! Don’t worry, we don’t ask this every time!

Thanks and welcome to Mad Mimi!

As their email explains, Mad Mimi works to ensure their customers only send email messages to subscribers who asked for the emails. They want to ensure no one using the service is spamming others. While they clearly explain this policy, Mad Mimi also provide assurance to customers, “Don’t worry, we don’t ask this every time!”

While Mad Mimi’s approval process may appear to inconvenience customers, the process took 5 minutes. In fact, while Mad Mimi was clearly thinking about our needs during this process, I’m pleased they were also looking out for our readers.

After completing this approval process, Mad Mimi reviewed our email and sent it to our audience. The entire process took 15 minutes. After our initial experience, I’m confident we’ll be staying with this service for a long time.

How is your organization looking out for customers?

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