• Getting buy-in for product priorities

    One of the most common question product managers ask me is, “How do I get our organization aligned around our product priorities?”  All too often, product managers struggle to get buy-in on their roadmap and sprint priorities. In almost all cases, it’s because the product managers haven’t invited their most important stakeholders to the conversation early enough. UX and Engineering partners are among the stakeholders who are frequently excluded from early product planning. To get your…
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  • Video: Adventurous Usability Techniques for the Seasoned Pro

    I was thrilled to present at the Webstock Conference in Wellington, New Zealand. In addition to teaching the Usability Bootcamp workshop, I presented my short presentation, Adventurous Usability Techniques for the Seasoned Pro. Thanks to the fantastic organizers of Webstock, you can now watch the video of my presentation: Adventurous Usability Techniques for the Seasoned Pro. What novel techniques do you use to evaluate your designs? I’d love to hear from you.

  • Miss my talk at the Confab Conference? Join me for a free online tutorial on July 14th

    Design Sprints - Looking to achieve breakthrough design approaches in just days?

    This May, I was thrilled to present at Confab, Brain Traffic's wonderful conference for content strategists. In my presentation, I shared techniques that content strategists can start using immediately to assess how well their work impacts a design or product's success. If you couldn't attend this fantastic conference, you can still hear the techniques I shared at the event –– many only practiced by the most adventuresome designers, usability professionals, and content strategists. On July…
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  • March 24th Free Online Tutorial: Advanced Usability Techniques for the Seasoned Pro

    Usability research is pretty straight forward. Find some users, put them in front of a design, have them execute a task or two, take some notes, write a report, and call it a night, right? Not quite. There are many advanced techniques which, when implemented effectively, can drastically improve the success of your research. On March 24th, I will be presenting a free online tutorial to share these techniques with you: Advanced Usability Techniques for…
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  • Robust personas don’t guarantee success

    This week, Adaptive Path’s Todd Wilkins wrote an excellent blog post on Avoiding Half-Baked Personas. In his post, Todd warns design teams that personas based on fiction can lead to misguided design decisions. Todd writes: I’ve written about the tension between truth and fiction in personas before. In that tension is the power of personas as a design tool but it is also their greatest potential weakness. Too much fiction leads to misguided design. Too…
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  • September 23rd Free Online Tutorial: Facilitating a Usability Test

    Many of our clients come to us requesting usability testing consulting services. One of the reasons they reach out to us is because they think usability testing must be a complex and scientific process. As a result, they'd prefer to have an outside consulting company conduct their tests. The first thing I tell people who contact me is that usability testing doesn't have to be a complicated process. It's a technique that anyone can learn…
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  • October Workshops: Designing for the Social Web and Paper Prototyping

    I'm super excited to announce Perfetti Media will be offering two new workshops this October in Boston, Massachusetts. The feedback for our first workshop, the Usability Bootcamp, was excellent and we're pleased to be bringing these latest topics to you. On October 25th, my good friend Joshua Porter, will be presenting the one-day workshop, Designing for the Social Web: How to Create Engaged and Passionate Users. Josh is an interface designer and co-founder of Performable,…
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  • Announcing the Usability Bootcamp

    We're pleased to announce Perfetti Media's new two-day workshop, the Usability Bootcamp. This August, we'll offer these interactive and hands-on events in Boston and San Francisco. Christine Perfetti has helped dozens of companies and agencies improve their designs by bringing research into their process. In this workshop, Christine's put together a program designed to improve your user research, usability testing, and evaluation skills. You'll come away from these two days knowing how to: Plan your…
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  • Speaking at the Kana Customer Summit and Hosting a Social Hour in Boston

    On April 13th, I’m very excited to be speaking at the Kana Software Customer Summit in Boston, MA. In my presentation, I’ll be sharing Perfetti Media’s most recent user and usability testing findings with everyone.

  • Is usability testing necessary?

    For over a decade, I’ve consistently told design teams that the most effective way to ensure they build usability products is to start incorporating usability tests into their process. But what about the teams that do a good job of incorporating user research into their design process? Is it always necessary for them to conduct usability tests? I’ve come to the conclusion that usability testing isn’t always necessary.