• Is usability testing necessary?

    For over a decade, I’ve consistently told design teams that the most effective way to ensure they build usability products is to start incorporating usability tests into their process. But what about the teams that do a good job of incorporating user research into their design process? Is it always necessary for them to conduct usability tests? I’ve come to the conclusion that usability testing isn’t always necessary.

  • Netflix: Always Thinking About Their Customers – Even When They Can’t Help

    As both a loyal Netflix customer and a Macintosh user, I've always been disappointed that I can't take advantage of Netflix's Watch Instantly feature on my computer. The feature isn't currently supported for the Mac, and for months, I've been asking myself why Netflix has chosen to ignore the needs of a large subset of their audience. Thanks to Netflix, I now know the answer. When Mac users visit the Watch Instantly page, they can…
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