• Is usability testing necessary?

    For over a decade, I’ve consistently told design teams that the most effective way to ensure they build usability products is to start incorporating usability tests into their process. But what about the teams that do a good job of incorporating user research into their design process? Is it always necessary for them to conduct usability tests? I’ve come to the conclusion that usability testing isn’t always necessary.

  • Best Practices for Highly Successful Development Teams

    I just returned from the highly informative (and fun) User Interface Conference. At the conference, I taught the full-day seminar, Product Usability: Survival Techniques, sharing the results of years of research examining how successful development teams incorporate usability practices into their process. As part of the day, I share several best practices including: 1. Usability test early and often One of the best ways to prevent launching unusable products is to identify any issues early…
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