September 23rd Free Online Tutorial: Facilitating a Usability Test

Many of our clients come to us requesting usability testing consulting services. One of the reasons they reach out to us is because they think usability testing must be a complex and scientific process. As a result, they'd prefer to have an outside consulting company conduct their tests.

The first thing I tell people who contact me is that usability testing doesn't have to be a complicated process. It's a technique that anyone can learn with training and lots of practice. At its core, a usability test involves putting a person in front of the product and watching what they do. Once teams learn the basics for conducting usability tests, they find that testing is a really straightforward process.

On September 23rd, I'll be sharing tips for facilitating your usability tests in a free 45-minute online tutorial through GoToWebinar. By outlining the process, I hope teams will feel confident they can start testing their own products. I will discuss usability test set-up options, the main responsibilities of a test facilitator, and the facilitation techniques I've refined over years of running usability studies.

We'll be limiting the sessions to 50 attendees to guarantee I have time to answer some of your specific questions.