October Workshops: Designing for the Social Web and Paper Prototyping

I'm super excited to announce Perfetti Media will be offering two new workshops this October in Boston, Massachusetts. The feedback for our first workshop, the Usability Bootcamp, was excellent and we're pleased to be bringing these latest topics to you.

On October 25th, my good friend Joshua Porter, will be presenting the one-day workshop, Designing for the Social Web: How to Create Engaged and Passionate Users. Josh is an interface designer and co-founder of Performable, and the author of the wonderful book, Designing for the Social Web. In his workshop, Josh will go beyond what he covers in his book, discussing how to take advantage of social features to get your users engaged and passionate about your products.

On October 26th, I will be presenting the one-day workshop, Paper Prototyping: Sketching and Evaluating Your Design Concepts. In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn how to create a fully working paper mock-up of any proposed design, which you can use to collect early feedback through usability testing. You'll discover what aspects of your design work well, and what users have trouble with. Using paper mock-ups, you can make changes very quickly, even during a usability test!

Until September 10th, you can sign up for the workshops for only $695 per day. I hope you can join us for both days in October!