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Perfetti Media is a Boston-based consulting and training firm that helps teams deliver best-in-class products and services, through customer research, service design blueprints, customer journeys, and visioning workshops.

For more than a decade, we have researched what makes a successful product or service that users will love. Clients include Harvard Business School, HubSpot, Penn Medicine, Wistia, Localytics, Udemy, and Curriculum Associates.

Upcoming Workshops

The Product Bootcamp: Product Planning, Visioning, and Prioritization 
December 10 – 11, 9:00am – 5:00pm 

In two days, attendees will come away with a proven approach for product discovery, visioning, roadmap planning, and prioritization.

In Day 1 of the Product Bootcamp, we will unpack the essential steps for adopting Product Discovery techniques into your development process, including how to:

Product Discovery

  • Collect business requirements from the people who matter within the organization and getting everyone aligned on the most pressing needs.
  • Plan and conduct interviews with users in their natural environment. You’ll see how to gather critical user insights to inform your product decisions.
  • Develop personas in just one day. We’ll walk you through an easy-to-learn method for developing persona descriptions to solve your users’ unmet needs.
  • Evaluate, and iterate on your early-stage concepts with low-fidelity prototyping techniques.

In Day 2, you will learn how to collaboratively map out a cohesive product vision that will guide the Product and UX team’s decisions and priorities.

We will walk you through each step of the product visioning process, from planning and research to creating concrete deliverables to inform your product decisions. You will learn how to:

Product Visioning

  • Establish a product roadmap or list of quarterly product opportunities that your organization will rally behind.
  • Map a unified, long-term product vision that aligns with business and user needs.
  • Create an Experience Brief to outline your product requirements.
  • Iterate rapidly on product concepts using familiar elements of the design studio methodology.
  • Identify the best product opportunities for achieving your vision using collaborative, consensus building methods, including the Weighted Matrix Roadmap and the KJ Technique.
  • Prioritize and rank product opportunities based on business value, user value, and the degree of effort required to achieve them

About the Instructor

Christine Perfetti

Christine Perfetti is the CEO and Founding Principal of Perfetti Media. For eight years, Christine worked as Head of Product at User Interface Engineering, a leading Product and User Experience think tank. Christine Perfetti also built and managed User Experience teams at two of Boston’s top technology companies, Carbonite and Acquia.

For more than two decades, Christine has been teaching teams how to gather insights from users to inform product decisions. Highlights include:

Interested in an on-site workshop?

When you bring our workshops on-site, you get world-class training from a world-class instructor in a location that’s convenient for you.

The on-site workshop is tailored to your needs. Whenever we teach, we tailor the workshop to the people in the room. We dig deeper into material that is more relevant and useful for the participants, and skim over or skip the less relevant sections. In a private setting, the group can discuss their real-world challenges and examples with the help of a professional facilitator who also happens to be a subject matter expert. The result is a customized class for a standard price.

Contact us to learn more about our on-site workshops.