The Customer Discovery Workshop

Uncovering Breakthrough User Insights to Transform Your Products and Business

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In this two-day workshop, you will learn the techniques and tricks used by the most adventurous research teams from Harvard Business School, Localytics, Curriculum Associates, Wistia, Penn Medicine, and many others!

You will gain foundational knowledge about the most effective research techniques with the goal of delivering breakthrough product and organizational insights.

The workshop will be held on September 17 – 18, 2018 at Workbar in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Program Description

Product teams have many different frameworks and methods for uncovering user insights that lead to innovative and transformative experiences: Jobs-to-be-Done, Personas and Scenarios, Empathy Interviews, and Ethnographic Field Studies, to name just a few.

In the two-day workshop, we will teach you all of the steps to run in-depth field research, jobs-to-be-done and empathy interviews, and advanced UX research approaches, including 5-second tests and inherent value studies. You will learn how to:

Product Visioning

  • Plan and conduct interviews with users in their environment. We will deconstruct different interview frameworks for collecting rich insights, including Jobs-to-be-Done, Empathy Interviews, and Personas and Scenarios research.
  • Develop proto-personas from user research. We’ll walk you through a proven and easy-to-learn method for developing personas. You will learn a proven and easy-to-learn method for developing personas. You’ll learn how to build the personas and scenarios and communicate the personas throughout your organization.
  • Become a better interviewer. You’ll learn proven techniques for keeping the users relaxed while they share their work process, pain points, frustrations, and delights.
  • Synthesize your data to uncover innovative and in-depth insights. You’ll learn methods for note taking and recognizing key patterns from the interviews. You will see how to decide what to report and how it can best help your particular audience, whether it’s senior management or members of the technical staff.
  • Take advantage of advanced research methods only practiced by the most experienced teams: Among the techniques you’ll learn about: 5-second tests, comprehension tests, and inherent value studies.
  • Build a fully working paper mock-up of any proposed design, which you can use to collect research data through product concept testing and usability testing.

Over the two days, we include several hands-on exercises. We’ve also planned for a lot of discussion time so you can adapt these new techniques to your own practice.

About the Instructor

Christine Perfetti

For eight years, Christine worked as Head of Product at User Interface Engineering, a leading Product and User Experience think tank. Christine Perfetti also built and managed User Experience teams at two of Boston’s top technology companies, Carbonite and Acquia.

For more than two decades, Christine has been teaching teams how to gather insights from users to inform product decisions. Highlights include:

Registration Pricing

The early registration price is $895. Pricing goes up by $200 on July 17th.

Your registration includes:

  • Two days of industry best practices for uncovering breakthrough insights
  • A continental breakfast and afternoon snack
  • Networking with brilliant minds from the Boston UX and product community

Workshop Location

We will be holding the workshop at Workbar Cambridge. Workbar is less than a block away from the MBTA Red Line (Central stop).

Workbar Cambridge
45 Prospect Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

On-site Training

Would you like to train your entire team? When you bring the Customer Discovery workshop on-site, you get world-class training from a world-class instructor in a location that’s convenient for you. Contact us to learn more.

About the Event Organizer

Perfetti Media is a Boston-based consulting and training firm that helps teams deliver best-in-class products. Through in-depth research and years of in-house experience, we’ve identified tools and techniques that consistently help organizations succeed.

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