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Business problem: The team at GoFundMe, the online crowdfunding platform, sought guidance to identify the needs and preferences of their Campaign Organizers and Donor audiences. Without this vital insight, the team struggled to create effective marketing and product strategies that would resonate with their target audience and encourage more campaign starts and donations.

How we helped: We worked with GoFundMe to conduct extensive research with their current users and prospects. By identifying key user segments and outlining potential product and marketing opportunities, we created a comprehensive strategy aimed at increasing the number of campaign starts and donations.

Business outcomes: GoFundMe achieved growth in fundraiser success, resulting in an increase in the number of campaigns started and a boost in the average number of donations per campaign. This success drove positive outcomes for Campaign Organizers and Donors alike, providing them with the resources they needed to achieve their fundraising and donation goals.

Customer Insights

Conducted foundational qualitative studies with Campaign Organizers and Donors to identify major opportunities to increase campaign success.

Training the Team

Coached the teams to plan, moderate, and synthesize 1-on-1 interviews and design surveys to validate the audience's total addressable market size.

GoFundMe persona


Established a comprehensive set of Donor and Campaign Organizer personas for the product, marketing, and design teams to prioritize.

Product Roadmapping

The product team integrated the research insights from our work to drive product and marketing roadmap decisions and priorities.

Business problem: TuneIn, the globally recognized audio streaming service, had aimed to increase its year-over-year paid subscription rates. The Head of Engineering and Product Management had the responsibility to guide his teams to define a long-term product direction for TuneIn.

How we helped: We partnered with TuneIn and performed extensive research with freemium users, paid subscribers, and radio listeners who had not yet used TuneIn’s streaming service. By conducting foundational research, we worked with a team of product managers, engineers, designers and data analysts to create user personas, establish data tracking mechanisms, and identify TuneIn's listener’s objectives and needs. After establishing the user personas, we used our ideation methodology to facilitate a two-day Product Visioning workshop with the C-suite and cross-functional team members to establish a three-year vision for the product experience.

Business outcomes: 30% YOY revenue increaseAfter integrating recommendations from the workshops' outcomes into their product roadmap, TuneIn achieved significant growth in its user base, generating a substantial increase in paid subscribers' revenue. As a consequence, TuneIn noticed an increase in retention with a greater number of free trial users converting to paid subscribers.

Stakeholder Research

Conducted regular meetings with TuneIn's CEO, CMO, Head of R&D, and VP of Analytics to understand their business goals and research challenges.

Pricing & Packaging

Conducted quantitative surveys with a representative sample of free users and paid customers to provide recommendations on revamped pricing tiers.

User Research Program

Established TuneIn's qualitative and quantitative research practices to empower the teams to integrate customer insights into their work.

Product Visioning

We conducted a workshop with a cross-functional team of internal TuneIn employees to establish a long-term vision for the product experience and outline product and marketing priorities.

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