Strategic Rallying: Deliver winning products with
breakthrough user insights and a team-driven vision

Organizations thrive when their teams thrive. We help leaders create better products and services by shaping a vision that their teams understand, contribute to, and rally behind.

We work with Fortune 500 companies, startups, and nonprofits to establish a long-term strategy through Strategic Rallying,
a team-based, collaborative approach to strategic planning, product visioning, and organizational alignment.

Organizations need the right insights to take the right action. We help teams jumpstart strategic research programs that drive decision-making and results.

Collecting user and customer insights is just the beginning. In addition to training teams on the research methods that provide a 360° view
of the audience, we ensure the insights lead to direction, action, and measurable results.

Research meeting

Qualitative Research
Ethnography, user interviews,
diary studies

Research synthesis

Market Insights
Survey design, audience
segmentation, data mining

Product visioning

Product Analytics
Usage tracking, modeling,
business intelligence

What our clients say

Christine Perfetti coached our team of product managers, data analysts, engineers, marketers, and designers to establish a research competency across GoFundMe. Perfetti Media's research insights were instrumental in driving our product strategy and roadmap planning initiatives.

A customer-centric approach to product planning is now core to our business and product strategy. We are now assembling an internal research team to help guide our decisions going forward!
Daniel Cox testimonial
daniel cox, VP and Head of product, GofundMe
Christine Perfetti is fantastic. She immediately gained our trust and respect through her approach to research and product visioning.

Christine brought with her real expertise in research methods, design thinking and lean experimentation processes. This rigor brought much-needed structure and delivered measurable results to Harvard Business Review.
Eric Hellweg testimonial
Eric hellweg, managing director, harvard business review


We have assembled leaders in product strategy, qualitative research, market insights, and analytics to drive organization decision making and team alignment.

Christine Perfetti

Christine Perfetti, M.S
CEO and Founding Principal

Stephanie Gerber Wilson

Stephanie Gerber Wilson, Ph.D.
Partner, Market Insights

Andrew Duchon

Andrew Duchon, Ph.D.
Partner, Data Analytics

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