Teams are rarely lacking in ideas.
The real challenge is choosing the right ones to act on.

We help companies build a research practice and shape a strategy to deliver better products

Lightbulb moments

Do your teams struggle to choose which opportunities to place big bets and
which to say 'no' to?

Are you missing the breakthrough insights to shape a product strategy
driven by evidence instead of gut instincts?

Would you like to increase productivity while also boosting
team alignment, morale and chemistry?

We're here to help.

Research and Discovery: Teams need the right insights to take the right action. We help teams jumpstart user research and product discovery programs that drive decisions and results.

Collecting user and customer insights is just the beginning. In addition to training teams on the research methods that provide a 360° view of the audience, we ensure the insights lead to direction, action, and measurable results.

Team-Centric Product Visioning: We help leaders deliver better products faster by shaping a strategy and vision the team understands, contributes to and rallies behind.

Teams successfully execute on a strategy and vision when they are invested and feel a degree of ownership. We'll help you establish a direction through The Product Visioning Workshop, a team-centric approach to product strategy.

Research meeting

Research and Discovery
to connect insights to action

Customer Insights

Product Visioning
to set a strategy driven by evidence

Product Visioning

Strategic Rallying
to boost team productivity and morale

What our clients say

Christine Perfetti coached our team of product managers, data analysts, engineers, marketers, and designers to establish a research competency across GoFundMe. Perfetti Media's research insights were instrumental in driving our product strategy and roadmap planning.

A customer-centric approach to product planning is now core to our business and product strategy. We are now assembling an internal research team to help guide our decisions going forward!
daniel cox, VP and Head of product, GofundMe
Christine Perfetti is fantastic. She immediately gained our trust and respect through her approach to research and product visioning.

Christine brought with her real expertise in research methods, design thinking and lean experimentation processes. This rigor brought much-needed structure and delivered measurable results to Harvard Business Review.
Eric hellweg, managing director, harvard business review

Hi, I'm Christine Perfetti

I am on a mission to help teams grow, thrive, and cultivate their strengths and talents to achieve business and product outcomes, while also creating a culture of teamwork, respect, and inclusion.

At the core of my work is the knowledge that teams succeed when they have the right information to make well-informed decisions and are encouraged to contribute their diverse and unique genius to solve complex problems.

I coach and guide teams to uncover breakthrough insights, shape a strategy and product vision, and successfully deliver on roadmap priorities.


Christine Perfetti

Christine M. Perfetti
Founder, Researcher, and Team Catalyst

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