Strategic Rallying: Monthly Talks

The Collaborative Approach for Shaping a Research-Driven Product Vision

Strategic Rallying is the process of bringing together a diverse,. multidisciplinary team to cultivate their genius and achieve extraordinary outcomes. When striving to deliver successful products, Strategic Rallying most frequently comes in the form of a Product Visioning Workshop that brings a cross-functional team of your organization’s stakeholders together to ideate and converge on a long-term product direction.


Many organizations struggle to connect research insights to business and product results. In this interactive presentation, Christine Perfetti will discuss how teams can take advantage of the Strategic Rallying Process to bridge that gap.

We will discuss the three essential steps of the Strategic Rallying process:

1. Scouting: Understanding the organizational landscape and the priorities of the internal stakeholders

2. Preseason Discovery: Collecting the foundational user research and market insights

3. Game Plan: Establishing a long-term product vision through a team-based, collaborative Visioning workshop

Strategic Rallying is the key ingredient for establishing a research-driven product direction and cultivating a culture of teamwork, trust, and respect. After successfully completing the process, you’ll have created a vision that team members understand, contribute to, and rally behind.

Strategic Rallying
Strategic Rallying links research insights to your business strategy and product vision.


Christine Perfetti

Christine Perfetti, M.S.
CEO & Founding Partner

Christine Perfetti has spent 20 years refining the qualitative and qualitative research practices she leverages to help her clients understand their users and customers. She has dedicated her career to understanding what makes people tick: what drives and motivates their actions and decisions.



Christine worked as Vice President and Head of Product at User Interface Engineering, a research and product think tank. She then built and grew the User Experience teams at Acquia and Carbonite. In her consulting practice, Christine has established strategic research programs at GoFundMe, TuneIn, and Penn Medicine, among others. Her specialty is conducting research to understand people’s needs, goals, and motivations, and connecting those insights to measurable product and business outcomes. 

February Zoom Presentations

Session #1: Wednesday, February 21
1:00 – 2:15 PM Eastern Time

Session #2: Wednesday, February 28

1:00 – 2:15 PM Eastern Time