The Product Bootcamp: Product Discovery, Visioning, and Planning

The Product Bootcamp is a two-day workshop created to provide product managers, engineers, and UX professionals with the tools for delivering successful products. In just two days, attendees will come away with a proven approach for product discovery, visioning, planning, and prioritization.

Product Bootcamp program details 

The Customer Discovery Workshop: Uncovering Breakthrough Insights

Product teams have many different frameworks and methods for uncovering user insights that lead to innovative and transformative experiences: Jobs-to-be-Done, Personas and Scenarios, Empathy Interviews, and Ethnographic Field Studies, to name just a few.

In this two-day workshop, you will learn the techniques and tricks used by the most adventurous research teams from Harvard Business School, Localytics, Curriculum Associates, Wistia, Penn Medicine, and many others! You will gain foundational knowledge with the most effective research techniques with the goal of delivering breakthrough product and organizational insights.

We will teach you all of the steps to run in-depth field research, jobs-to-be-done and empathy interviews, and advanced UX research approaches, including 5-second tests and inherent value studies.

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Video Training: User Research Fundamentals for Product Teams

O’Reilly Media recently published Christine Perfetti’s one-day video tutorial, User Research Fundamentals.

O'Reilly Video Training: User Research for DesignersThis training is perfect for designers, product managers, and engineers who want to learn techniques for understanding user needs and evaluating and improving their designs.

The class is appropriate for product teams that are just getting started with user research and an excellent refresher for a more intermediate and advanced audience.

Watch the complimentary chapters.

In-house training

Our workshops span all stages of the product development process. They include:

The Product Visioning Workshop

Is your team looking for new product concepts to capture a new market? Do you need to establish a long-term product strategy? Are you working to set a direction to drive product priorities and roadmap decisions?

In this workshop, we will walk your team through all of the steps for creating a long-term vision for your product, establishing consensus and buy-in across your organization, and prioritizing focus areas for improving your product. Your product managers will come away equipped to prioritize product opportunities that align with your organization’s long-term strategy.

User Research Bootcamp

You’ll learn all of the steps to conduct your own research studies, including field research, user interviews, usability testing, diary studies, and lean experiments. You will learn how to plan the research studies, recruit participants, facilitate the sessions, analyze the data, and communicate the results.

Customer Experience Mapping

Learn how to to create an Experience Map that shows the journey users encounter with your current product and services. By identifying problem areas in the user experience, product teams can prioritize areas for improvement and innovation.

The Design Sprint: One Week to a Viable Design Approach

Your team will learn a method for rapidly designing solutions to complex problems. It will also ensure all stakeholders contribute to the process, which results in shared consensus and buy-in among your team.

Personas: Aligning Your Product With User Needs

You’ll learn the soup-to-nuts process of creating personas. You’ll learn methods for performing user research in the field, synthesizing the results and communicating users needs to your internal stakeholders. You’ll synthesize and frame user needs to create personas to guide you through the design and iteration process.

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